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S. No.Generic NamePkg configuration
1Acetaminophen Suppositories USP 1 gm1x5, 2x5
2Acetaminophen Suppositories USP 125 mg1x5, 2x5, 20x5
3Acetaminophen Suppositories USP 250 mg1x5, 2x5, 20x5
4Acetaminophen Suppositories USP 500 mg2x5, 20x5
5Artesunate suppositories 100 mg1x2, 1x6
6Artesunate suppositories 200 mg1X6 Supp, 1X2 Supp
7Artesunate suppositories 50 mg1x2, 1x6
8Bisacodyl Suppositories BP 10 mg1x5, 2x5, 10x5, 20x5
9Bisacodyl Suppositories BP 5 mg1x5, 2x5, 10x5, 20x5
10Clindamycin Phosphate 100 mg + Clotrimazole 200 mg Vaginal Suppositories1x3 Pess
11Diazepam Suppositories 2.5 mg1X5 Supp
12Diazepam Suppositories 5 mg1X5 Supp
13Diclofenac Sodium Suppositories 12.5 mg2x5 Supp, 1x5 Supp
14Diclofenac Sodium Suppositories 25 mg2x5 Supp, 1x5 Supp
15Diclofenac Sodium Suppositories 50 mg2x5 Supp, 1x5 Supp
16Domperidone Suppositories BP 10 mg1X5 Supp
17Domperidone Suppositories BP 30 mg1X5
18Domperidone Suppositories BP 60 mg1x5 Supp
19Glycerine Suppositories USP 1.22x5, 20x5
20Glycerine Suppositories USP 2.02x5, 20x5
21Glycerol Suppositories BP 1g2x5
22Glycerol Suppositories BP 2g2x5
23Glycerol Suppositories BP 4g2x5
24Hydrocortisone Acetate 5 mg + Lidocaine 60 mg Suppositories1x5, 2x5
25Meloxicam Suppositories 15mg1X5 Supp
26Meloxicam Suppositories 7.5mg2x5 Supp, 1x5 Supp
27Mesalazine suppositories BP 1g2x5
28Mesalazine suppositories BP 500 mg2x5
29Metronidazole 500 mg and Miconazole Nitrate 100 mg Vaginal Suppositories2x7
30Metronidazole 750 mg and Miconazole Nitrate 200 mg Vaginal Suppositories2x7
31Metronidazole, Miconazole nitrate and Lidocaine vaginal suppositories1x7
32Miconazole Nitrate Vaginal Suppositories 200 mg1x3 Supp, 1x6 Supp
33Neomycin sulphate, polymyxin B sulphate and Nystatin vaginal suppositories (31x6 supp.
34Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Suppositories 5 mg2x6
35Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Suppositories 6.25 mg2x6