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Natural resources of getting Vitamin D

Let’s know what the D vitamin is and the uses of this vitamin inside the body. The D vitamin is a soluble fat that’s obtained from natural food products. There are even supplements available for the D vitamin that’s taken if advised by the doctor. Vitamin D also availed by the body through exposure in sun. The D vitamin used for having good bone strength and strong teeth. The main elements present in Vitamin D are phosphorous and calcium. Few doctors recommend standing in early morning sunlight for about 10-20 minutes. The daily required amount of vitamin D in the body is 15 mcg. To meet the need food containing vitamin D required. Few doctors suggest having supplements for patients who lack vitamin D in the body. There is a study stating that almost 50 percentage of the population lack D vitamin. This is because they are less exposed to sunlight as they have a cold temperature. The other main risk factor involved in this vitamin D deficiency is obesity. The people who are generally affected are elders, infant’s breastfed and those who are less exposed to the sun.

Food that contain vitamin D:

  1. Most fishes have D vitamins like salmon. There is a study that states consumption of 100 grams of salmon farmed provides 526 IU. The wild salmon consumption of 100 grams provides Vitamin D of about 1,300 IU.
  2. The herring fish also contain D vitamin that’s consumed worldwide. The fresh herring consumed in 100 grams amount will provide about 216 IU. The fish served in several different ways like pickled, tinned, smoked, etc.

Even fishes like sardines, halibut, and mackerel considered a good source of D vitamins.

  1. The cod liver oil considered a substitute for fish. Those who are not interested in fish can take cod liver oil. It considered being the best source of D vitamin. It helps to treat kids who are suffering due to a lack of D vitamins. If 4.9 ml of cod liver oil that’s used it provides about 448 IU of D vitamin.
  2. Canned tuna has a good content of vitamin D. It’s easy to store and it’s cheaper than the other fishes. Light tuna considered better when compared to white tuna. By consuming 100 grams of light tuna the D vitamin produced is up to 268 IU.
  3. The people who are not interested in having seafood can consume eggs. This also has a high content of D vitamin. The content of vitamin D depends on the chicken’s consumption of sunlight. The chickens that roam in sunlight produce eggs that are bigger than normal eggs. By consumption of one egg from a chicken that consumed a good amount of sunlight. It gives us about 6000 IU per egg yolk.
  4. The next will be the mushrooms which also have a good amount of D vitamin. Same like human beings mushrooms also gain their D vitamin from the sunlight. Wild mushrooms have rich D2 vitamins. For every 100 grams, the vitamin produced is about 2300 IU in the wild mushrooms.


There even many other natural food products that provide D vitamins. They are cow’s milk that contains about 120 IU, the soy milk consist of D vitamin about 110 IU. The cereals and oats consist of D vitamin about 60- 120 IU and even orange juice contains D vitamin. Every day spend a good amount of time about 10 minutes in the sun. This helps in gaining the D vitamin naturally. Have the mentioned food that contains D vitamin that helps in bone and teeth development. The consumption of all-natural products done properly there is no need for any extra supplements for having D vitamins in the body.

By – Humritha K

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